Monday, 13 June 2011

new post, whole new blog

Just so I can spare you all the chip-by-chip technical details, I've started a new blog at to go into all that gruesome stuff. (Also done to be easily incorporated - soon - into the main Rainger FX website itself ).

Meanwhile this one you're looking at right now will continue, going on about everything else in the world that interests me - including electronics, but from a more 'user' perspective.

And here's Detective Meldrick Lewis (actor Clark Johnson, from 'Homicide'), just to show that this blog still gets all the good stuff... Or at least the sort-of-alright stuff.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Theory Of Everything - sorted

So there's quantum physics, where scientists are delving into the inner workings of the tiniest particles. And there's relativity, where scientists deal with the exact opposite; how objects and waves behave when moving at speeds close to - or at - the speed of light, over colossal distances. Like stars, interstellar space, and light itself.
And one of the main things they're trying to find now, is how to link these two fields...

So I like to do electronics, dealing with the movements of some of the tiniest particles - electrons, moving as one to appear as an electric current. And I also like to draw and paint, basically dealing with how light behaves. Along with music, these two things are big bits of me; not saying I'm any good at them or anything, but is this not linking the two fields?

Anyway, here's my drawing of Detective John Munch from 'Homicide' and 'Law & Order'. He's the first character in TV history to crop up in two totally different shows.
Turned out way better than the drawing I did of Detective Frank Pembleton ('Homicide' only).