Friday, 8 April 2011

Protected Christ

I couldn't resist drawing this that I found in the V&A Museum a few weeks back...Left on display in one of the large sculpture rooms, I think they were preparing to move some of the pieces - but actually maybe it was a statement by the museum's curators on religion today. Or why, with all the modern comforts we have, we're still not happy. We're gently but firmly restricted - and it's our downfall... killing with kindness...

I think it's a more interesting picture than if the figure wasn't packaged up; content of a picture is really important, and so often overlooked. Abstract art heads towards pure expression by the artist, but surely the subject someone picks means something?
What do I know.

I've been thinking alot about new ideas for pedals. I've got a number of 'building blocks' that I've developed, sections of a circuit that do a particular thing... That I can put together to do a particular job with a high chance of it actually working. But there's always some problem (often at the end) that needs to be overcome - the thing that makes it really worthwhile and satisfying. It'd just be too easy otherwise.

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