Thursday, 21 April 2011

That's one more crap idea out the way on the route to the good stuff.

One flavour of fuzz with a different flavour at the edges...? Well it just seems like... more fuzz, really.
Again wondering what I was thinking.

Maybe the fact I keep pouncing on ideas (which turn to shit before my very eyes) is something that means things get a momentum and get made - if they're OK.

On with the dubstep pedal then, which - yeah, you guessed it - I think will rock.

In a weird and unique way.

Today, a big cardboard box arrived full of metal enclosures that I designed! All painted ('black leatherette') and drilled - and the sockets all fit in the holes, and the pcb fits inside! With only a smallish amount of filing needed!
I'd take a photo, but you've seen it already, and I don't want to bore you. It's exciting though.

Instead, here's me at the Big Chill, showing some love to my red Boss analogue delay. Notice the lovely old blue Boss compressor next to it. Boss are so great - and everyone ignores them.

And I've got no pedal board!

And rather big hands!

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