Friday, 5 August 2011

Hey - at least I made a Big Muff!

So I tried making something to do with a distortion, and put together an op amp Big Muff. Sounded really good. In fact, great. Then thinking, so I tweak about with this till I come up with my own thing...

But hang on - that's what every pedal maker out there does! It'd just get rid of the Rainger FX USP! Everyone has their own version, or adds some useful tone knobs and switches, and puts it in a box with a very nice paint job. Got to reach further than that.

So I look out the window a bit, tell myself off for just looking out the window. Put myself in 'new sounds' situations (visit musician friends, listen to stuff, go to events not connected with this, maybe have a life for a moment...), and I've got some things to try - which I'll start today.

Been doing alot of drawing late at night. Here's a few more of the cast of 'Homicide'...

M.E. Juliana Cox (Michelle Forbes), Det. Lewis again (Clark Johnson) and Det. Briscoe (Jerry Orbach, also from 'Law & Order', only guested in 'Homicide').
Weird how 'manga' Juliana has turned out - but when I think about it, that is kinda how she looks...

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