Saturday, 24 September 2011

On course. Three more cops.

Electronics college is great - though I'm only in the third week. I know about a third of it - which is good going for this point in the two-year course. Sometime we have to pick a project to make for 'microprocessors' - one student asked whether a robot would be possible, and the lecturer replied 'I don't see why not...'          Amazing!!!

I'm wondering whether I could do a 'random generator', with a variable amount of randomness, to switch between upwards and downwards-going envelope wah wah. That's as in depth as I can currently go.

Meanwhile my life drawing class has also started, and I'm not doing that good in it - though I'm enjoying it a lot (which is what it's all about).

 And night-time drawing of 'Homicide' is very sporadic. Here are Detectives Crossetti, Howard and Lieutenant Giardello....

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