Monday, 21 March 2011

Department Of Connections


I'm David Rainger - a guitar player, interested in guitar playing, music, guitar effects pedals, drawing and painting, electronics, cosmology, London, and US cop TV shows. I'm trying to get Rainger FX going, my guitar effects pedal company. At the moment - other than a few key companies that help out - it's pretty much me, making a mess on the dining room table, but this blog will (no doubt) be about the journey from dining room table to internationally-renowned mega-brand; gripping stuff, I'm sure.

Of course it'll also be about inventing stuff, making beautiful things, art generally, chocolate, girls, and the highs and lows of modern day-to-day life. Not necessarily in that order.

I was told it's good to have links in things, so here's one; . And pictures too - here's a drawing from my life drawing class that I've just finished. It's OK, but doesn't actually look like the model.

Next, I'm doing 'Portraits 1', so maybe there'll be more of a similarity in future.

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