Friday, 25 March 2011

I've got this fantasy image...

... of how I'll be making pedals in the (hopefully) near future. To my right is a large cardboard box full of finished enclosures, painted and ready to be used. On my left is another large box full of printed circuit boards - stuffed with components, ready to be used.
I pick one from one side, one from the other, and push them together with a satisfyingly gentle 'snick!', the parts meshing perfectly with each other...

Of course this is the penultimate step in manufacturing development, the final stage being when they're made in their millions for almost nothing by happy smiling children in some far off country.

But sadly, neither situation is quite happening yet; I just got a quote for the pcb part for £17 per box for just the labour in sticking the components on. I can do one in about an hour, and this quote is for a batch of only 20... So it's back to the soldering for me.

Which is OK!
It's weird, but - when it's your own thing - you don't mind the process of 'board stuffing', which is pretty handy. Yes, I could've been one of those smiling happy kids.

In the meantime, here's a picture of a pedal someone else made; simple and funny, it's pretty inspiring...

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