Monday, 21 March 2011

Extreme Metal

I've been preparing blank store-bought boxes for effects pedals, and I've got to say, doing metalwork is JUST HORRIBLE.

Drilling holes in it involves brute force from a dangerous machine, throwing nasty metal splinters everywhere. Then you have to file the holes by hand to position them precisely - especially if you've gone and opted for any rectangular ones (you fool!). Filing in itself is hard work; muscles aching, you knock your fingers on jagged edges... It's awful. Blood, sweat and 3-in-1 oil everywhere...

I've had enough of all this. So I'm trying to get some boxes made specially by someone else - holes and everything, painted, ready to go, and - to be fair - it is slowly moving ahead. But this isn't easy either - finding the right companies to contact, emailing with all the spec, trying to coax them into actually replying. When you've found one, then starts the process of communicating exactly (that's exactly) what you want. And that's after you've put the work in designing the thing.

In fact, I've got a theory that it takes exactly the same amount of energy to push this through as drilling/filing pre-made boxes yourself, only a different kind of energy - spread out over weeks instead of one savage burst.

Plus of course a whole stack of money.

But in the end - hopefully - I'll get a really cool unique box! Here's a picture of a cardboard cut-out of what I've got in mind. Check out that overhang on the right!

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