Thursday, 24 March 2011

Possibly Changing The Course Of Modern Popular Music

I had a brief moment of calm recently when I could actually have a think about some new ideas. Tried to think of some relatively simple pedals... Small, cheap, strange things, that people just might be compelled to buy. And that may possibly change the course of modern popular music.  That sort of thing.

I thought of using a key part of something I'd made already; the triggering system from the Compactotron, but instead of my distortion and lo-pass filter inside, plug in - externally - any other effects the user owns... It's a triggered panner, panning quickly from one effect to the other - left to right if you want (or mono).

Called the Short Attention Spanner, it would sort of look like this...

The Red LED flashes with each trigger, and the heel switch trigger bit permanently attached via the black cable out of the bottom panel. The user changes its use to suit the situation, ie two modulation pedals, going at different speeds? Or distortion and echo? Whatever.

Green seemed weirdly intense. And with a green knob and green LED - even more so. And with black fittings and a red flashing light... I think when I'd made it, I would carry this pedal around with me from room to room for several days, just so I could always look at it.

Anyway. I also had an idea for a compilation CD; 'Music To Solder By'. Stuff that made you feel you were in a film, working solo deep into the night on a tough project that would eventually set the world reeling with its magnificence... Hmmm. Possibly not changing the course of modern popular music.

BTW have a listen (in the background) for a day or two to - a marvellous music player of electronic ambient music with a live feed of New York emergency radio frequencies over the top.

If that doesn't sound totally brilliant to you, try it with Los Angeles, or maybe Chicago.

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  1. Love the short attention spanner - you're a funny guy, as well as a musical genius!