Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Like every guitar player, I started off learning blues - as it's pretty quick and easy to sound sort of OK doing it, and it's the starting point of most kinds of modern music. But after a while I got bored with it. I dunno -something to do with the 'english pub lunchtime' feeling about it, old white blokes crucifying it decade after decade. In fact if you ever hang around where guitar players hang around, it's pretty hard to get away from, but I ended up running...

I'm at the stage now where - through some sort of weird filtering process - I like a lot of electro-type music; anything from traditional Kraftwerk-y stuff, to more 'dance' based things, to a whole load of chart-topping studio-based pop. Music that actually doesn't have much guitar in it usually - which I find slightly worrying.

However I can't help thinking that what I do on guitar fits right in with all that - and I'm always into getting new sounds that fit the occasion. Which was the starting point for Rainger FX guitar pedals; make these sounds available to other people. For lots of acts, whenever they play live they always like to make things more exciting, rough things up a bit... And they get a guitarist into their live band. And you see them on TV playing together (often miming) the guitarist gamely strumming away... to a track that has no guitar on it! Get the guy a Compactotron! ( )

So meanwhile, the rest of the guitar world is down the pub at lunchtime - stylistically speaking (though the pub may sometimes be a classic-rock-of-the-future kind).
How does Rainger FX fit in with that?
Well, to varying degrees. I do a few distortion-type of boxes that'd definitely make the lunchtime more fun, but I'm aiming to be the place to go for cutting edge sounds - and not taking for granted the usual (previous) ways of doing things.
Let's see.

And now, here are some pictures of nice fake food...

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